Gulf oil spill

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By this point most residents around in the surrounding regions of the gulf will no doubt be familiar with the BP advertisements announcing their apologies for the all the crisis in the gulf, and their commitment to do everything in their power to avert further disaster and to resolve the present one. The disaster is, of course, none other than the oil spill which took place last year, and which has had tremendous repercussions for surrounding wild life habitats and businesses alike. So what has BP actually done to alleviate the current troubles caused by their negligence? Anyone can tell you that BP has certainly promised via televised advertisements to set aside twenty billions dollars, not an inconsiderable sum, to help fund clean up activities, research, and pay reparations to hard-hit businesses. This seems like a good idea, in the vague sense which BP's commercials deliver, but how many of these goals have actually come to fruition? The troubling truth is that BP's cooperation and willingness to help may in fact be more apparent in their emotionally driven advertisements than in reality. In recent developments concerning the devastated habitats along the Louisiana coast, BP has shown resistance to carrying out their commitments in a timely and cooperative manner. The fact is that marshes along the coast have for a long time been deteriorating under the effects of vast quantities of incoming oil despite BP's claims to doing all they possible can to contain the contamination. According to a recent article in the New York Times, many officials are doubtful whether BP has been “mounting a sufficiently aggressive cleanup operation” (Robertson). While BP has displayed “indifference and inaction” the marshes of Louisiana continue to suffer and show signs of irreparable damage (Robertson). Although many suggestions have been made for the course of action BP ought to take, BP has opted for none. Only time will tell whether BP means to make good on their word, or whether their promises are merely running on empty.
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