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Ha HA! Improving my Writings Habits, Day 1! (IMWH)

Published by Aquatic Writer in the blog Aquatic Writer's blog. Views: 129

Hey, Reader,

Aquatic Writer here. I realized that if I want to be a writer, I'm going to have to improve my habits!
1. No more ideas going to waste! When I get an idea, I will write it down!

2. No more unorganized stories flying around. I will either type them or put them in my new-and-improved writing binder!

3. Because I have a laptop, I will keep all (good) pieces of writing on its large hard drive!

4. I have to come up with more names daily... Latin-words-as-names don't always work!

5. I will now plan out my stories a little before I write!

That's all. Oh, but with the whole "elemental horse story thing", I'm going to edit it.... a lot. More details coming soon!

  • Midnight_Adventurer
  • Midnight_Adventurer
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