Had a decent walk today.

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I had a heart attack in 2008. I had gotten quite fat, and did not get much exercise. I have had a bicycle most of my life. In 2006 I got a nice one because an opportunity arose for me to commute to work easily by bike. By 2008 I was riding ten miles comfortably, and had lost thirty pounds when it happened, while I was riding the bike.

A passer by saw me and called 911.

When I came too, I felt much better than I had in weeks. I was getting tired, and having heart burn. I was back to work in two weeks. Back on the bike in three. The docs tell me that the exersize I had been doing greatly improved my outcome. By 2012 I was doing sixty mile rides in five hours, and have done a few over 100.

The last year has had many health challenges. A broken bone six months ago has taken me mostly off the bike. I broke a foot riding it. I can ride, and I recently did some hills, but find that I am getting skittish about breaking another bone at my age. I can't handle a stationary. I get too bored. Music helps.

Lately I have taken to keeping in shape by walking, and fortunately there are hills nearby to make them pretty cardio. Now I am nursing a blister, so the walk was short. The last two days have been almost entirely on pavement. I am nervous about twisting an ankle on the back country trails. Kinda sucks. Looking at walking sticks, kind of like ski poles, for better traction, especially down hill. The blister developed on a spot the shoe rubs going down too.


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