Happy Independence Day

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Today is INDEPENDENCE DAY! 61 years ago, on 14th August 1947, a new nation was coined in the history of this world.


The word Pakistan as such means: 'Land of the pure'. Also, it is said to represent different areas of Pakistan:

P = Punjab (my province :D)
A = Afghania (NWFP)
K = Kashmir
I = (Conjunction)
S = Sindh
TAN = Balochistan

Our founder is Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a.k.a. Quaid-e-Azam, who has given us some very important advices.

"Unity, Faith, Discipline."

"Justice, Fairplay, Impartiality."

"Expect the best but prepare for the worst."

Believe me, that's not even 0.1% of what he said, but the main stuff I can quote for now.

Our national poet is Allama Iqbal, and he has written awesome poems for the country's guidance and aspirations. A quote worthy mentioning:

Make your character so unfathomably strong
That God Himself inquires: 'What do you wish for, my man?'

My prayer to Allah is that this country lives longer than it seems, and that it follows the country's name as much as it can.

Pakistan ZINDABAD! (Long live Pakistan)
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