Happy New Year~ and all that

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Okay, okay, so I know the New Year is over. I meant to post yesterday, but I got sidetracked watching Weeds. (Show ish amusing.) Anywhoo, so I'm writing about it now.

It was actually fun, surprisingly. I went over to my friends house and we went ice skating outside where it was freezing. I had to teach her how to stop again. And then we went back to her house and she made us really awesome nachos for dinner and we played Water Works "the Leaky Pipe Game". It is a card game, it does exist, it's highly amusing... And many leakage jokes were made. Lawl.

And then I talked to my lovely boyfriend, who was in an awful mood from being dragged to a New Years Eve party he didn't want to go to, and it made me sad because he was being so emo. But I couldn't get him to cheer up. =(
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