Harael Pronunciation Guide

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This is a pronunciation guide to my novel, Harael. Most of the names of people and places mentioned in the book are here. I'll post more as the story continues.

Names mentioned in the Prologue

Harael: har-REE-el (please don't pronounce it HAIR-ee-el)

Qalaqalar: KAH-la-kuh-LAR

Vilcoufait: VEEL-coo-fay

Quensolynia: kwehn-so-LEEN-nee-a

Telsha: tell-SHAW

Aeriel: air-REE-el

Tortulien: tor-TOO-lee-un

Ranwen: RAN-when

Names mentioned in Chapter One

Tilinnethe: til-LIN-neth

Domitriv Lycaeus: duh-MEE-treev lie-CAY-us

Ankou: AHN-koo

Maugrin: pronounce first syllable like "Ow," but at "M" to the beginning of it. Last syllable is pronounced "grin."

Lowrin: LOW-rin

Bar-Kurum: BAR KOO-rum

Ruing: ROO-ing

Quenwei: KWEHN-way

Orkham: ORK-ham

Sadraine: suh-DRAIN

Marius: mar-REE-us

Alasari: ah-lah-SAR-ree

abr: AB-bur

Reshe: resh-ay

Mirgother: MEER-go-thur
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