Harry Potter and the RAF Typhoon.

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One magical sunny afternoon, Harry Potter grabbed his broom and leaped out of his window as the birds were singing.

Gaining height, he felt the breeze in his hair, alive with joy he began spinning on his broom, around and around and around.

But unfortunately, Harry had forgotten one very important thing…broom tax!

As he flew about over London he hadn’t a care in the world until out of the clouds above came an RAF Typhoon fighter jet, moving behind Potter on his broom, it followed him.

The little wizard almost soiled himself, his wand little able to stand up against a Typhoon.

Passing over the London eye (a big wheel in London why it’s called Eye I don’t know) a missile launched from the Typhoon.

It shot forewords with great haste, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake, as it charged towards its target.

Hearing it, Harry attempted to out run it, but he wasn’t fast enough, he then attempted dodging it but he wasn’t quick enough.


Potter and his broom rained down over London in little pieces.

The moral of the story is…always pay your broom tax or the RAF will blow you up.

The End.
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