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Has reading your own stories ever brought you to tears?

Published by Unit7 in the blog Unit7's blog. Views: 123

I was browsing my fictionpress account and a title caught my eye. I had written it over a year ago. As I was reading(cringing that I thought it would be acceptable how I had formated the dialogue. It definitely wasn't standard)

Anyways I started reading it again. Oh and I remembered my favorite lines 'A little arsenic in your lemon square?' and 'Step right up gentlemen, come and kick the arse out of the guy who defiled my only daughter!' I wondered how I had come up with that. Not exact quotes I don't think. Sorta have to read it to understand it.

Then I read the ending and the very last line in the story. "Will You Forgive Me" Which is where the title of it actually came from. I was surprised when I had tears in my eyes. Its then I remember as I finished writing, I had tears in my eyes.

How is it possible to invest so much emotion into fictional characters? Its not even something I could personally relate to.

So now I am a bit curious.

Has this ever happened to you? Found yourself in tears over something you have written or as you were writing?
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