Have You Ever

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I have never blogged. I do not know the first thing about it. Well, maybe the first and second thing. It is a web log and it has to be about something or nothing. Would one say that is 1)Not at all accurate
2)Fairly accurate
...question mark. I did not feel the need for symbol as I stated it. This is a q u e s t i o n :D
I am staring out through the vertical vanes of my window shade. The gray, blue cold mirroring Picassos Blue period, except for the occasional streak of red. Red truck, red soda machine, red telephone booth. I cannot help but dwell on this for a moment. RED. I can see that my employers door is closed, as for now I am safe. She will not come out to see me in this overcast so I am free to write willy nilly about nothing... or something.
The hinges of the pool gate squeek as they open... oops..it's my friend Mary. I am going to visit. I am sure I will return.
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