He always seemed to know me, love me...

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--It wasn't actually last night, because I wrote this last week, when I had the dream--

Last night I had the most amazing, reassuring, and just plain uplifting dream I've ever had. I believe it was sent directly from God.

Maybe I'm just being stupid.

But just maybe.

I was with another person. A guy my age. We weren't very close at first and I was kind of shy around him. As we got to know each other - mostly because he was eager to be my friend - I grew more comfortable with him. He always seemed to know me, love me, and was ALWAYS comfortable being with me.

Then there came a day when I couldn't stand being apart from him. But then I never was. He went everywhere with me. He was always by my side and he encouraged me, held me, and protected me. I was never alone because he loved me so much and he never wanted to be apart from me just as much as I didn't want him to leave.

There were times when we would fight, and we got angry at each other, but we never separated.

Except once.

I walked off with someone, and I got lost. I couldn't find him. I broke down and cried, I thought the world would end. I called for him, and looked everywhere, but I couldn't find him.

Then at last I saw him. He was running for me. He looked so scared, but relieved at the same time, because he was terrified that I got lost, and relieved that he has found me.

That was when I realized that I couldn't live without him. In that moment I felt that I could conquer the world. And I was peaceful, happy, and everything was perfect because he was with me. I can't even properly describe how amazing I felt. You'd have to experience it yourself.

Then there was a problem. A life threatening problem. To me at least. But I was not afraid. I took his hand and together we ran to face it head on, and we were content. Happy. Confident. Loved. I knew I could do anything with him, and I would never lose him again.

I believe that that guy was God.
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