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Headaches and boxes.

Published by Eaveah Tail in the blog Eaveah Tail's blog. Views: 121

So, I finished the "Scorpion" series. Rather... I've seen all I can see. The next season starts in October. And of course, it ended on a cliffhanger. So I started a new one, it's not as good but it's interesting. Called "Crossing Lines". Basically it's about a bunch of police officers from different countries with different specialties working together as a European "FBI".

It's kind of ironic, watching this series, cause we're currently working on getting my Russian boyfriend to the country that I live in. It's proving to be a massive effort and a giant headache, I'm pretty sure that if we put all the papers together it would reach me to my neck. The country I live in is a part of a trade deal made between a lot of different countries called "Schengen" and is also a part of but not a part of the EU. So I can pretty much travel anywhere I want within this area just with my passport and/or ID. It looks like the best way of getting him here to me is to marry him.

Of course, this was a nonspoken agreement between the two of us. That it would happen eventually. We just never thought we'd have to do it so... coldly. I used to be a hopeless romantic before I met him, but now... I'm a romantic full of hope. Marriage was never a huge deal to me. Like it is to a lot of women. There's nothing wrong with that of course, not at all. It just never was to me. But now, I find myself liking the idea of being surprised with an engagement ring and all the girly stuff I never bothered with before. All that's ever mattered to me is love.

It's starting to get colder outside, Autumn is definetly on it's way. Soon it'll be October again and that means I've been living here in my flat for a year. Time blew past me without me noticing. Funnily enough I'm still living out of boxes. Well, no. That's not stricktly true. I still have a lot of stuff in boxes. But I like my place. It's small, but more than enough space for me and my little Jack Russell Terrier, Han Solo. He's the rock in my life, always happy and ready to play. When everything is so dark and scary that I can barely move, he comes over and licks my face and wags his little tail. He's like a plushie really, his coat is unreasonably soft. Man's best friend indeed. He's affectionatly known as the "love dog" because of his wonderful personality and the fact that he has a heart shaped spot on his side. He's tricolour. Black, white and a tiny bit of brown.

Now I'm going to try to get some sleep.
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