Health issues, time off work and the warm heart of a cold corporation

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The work I do is directly connected to both the mining industry in Western Australia, and the housing boom.

It's good because it pays well and has great incentives, but the work is brutally hard, I'm required to work a minimum of 12 hours a day, and in summer they send me into the desert to work on a minesite for three months.

A while ago I noticed a funny pain in my stomach/groin. I ignored it for a bit but it just got worse. I went to the doctor, who referred me to a better doctor, who told me I have a Hernia.

Now I'm worried. It's a month til my operation, and annother month for recovery. The op doesn't bother me too much, but I have to tell my boss that I'll be off for 2 months without pay. In this industry, that's an eternity. I was expecting a grim handshake and marching orders (fired).

But as I tell the production manager the situation, he scratches his chin, and asks me what I can do. I tell him, virtually nothing. I could work in the office, but the office is full of people, no work for me.

Then he surprises me. He tells me that I can have 2 months off, without pay. He asks me if I have money to cover my expenses in that time, which I don't. He asks me how much I need. I say at least 250 a week. He tells me that he'll put $2300 in my bank account, I can have the time off, and my job will be safe. When I get back to work, they will recover the $2300 by taking $100 out of my pay per week, no intrest to be paid. Of course, I ask him if he's pulling my leg. After all, they are in no way obliged to keep me on or help me out with money.

It's good to know that a huge international corporation can still be so generous.

Now I have 2 months off, to sit at home and work on my various writings, projects and whatever else I can find to amuse me. Not such a bad deal I'd say! (I'm looking forward to getting back to work though, when I can! I do give it a bad rap, but I still like to do it.)
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