Heart Strings Bound and Braided.

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Happiness felt years ago
Reminding me of joys once known
Every moment brings me home
-when you speak I come undone
When you laugh, my blood slows
Hum and my heart keeps its beat
Say "Goodnight" and I do

These are sincerest feelings
As best as I can describe them
- when I hear your laugh, I almost faint
speak and I come un-glued
as you breathe I sink into its melody
And when you say "Sweet dreams" I do

I think only of you as I stare at the moon
Beautiful that you see it too
How I hope to feel you here soon
-laugh and feathers tease my stomach
As you speak I melt into it
you breath, I grin so silly
That when you say "Take care" I do

At night staring at the vacuous ceiling
My mind filling in blanks as I talk to you
I don't know how I've been living till now
Without this joy you bring
You need to know you’re the reason my heart sings

If you never laughed, I think my heart would break
Keep silent, and it would be too much to take
If you died, I surely would too
Say "Goodbye" and I couldn't live without you


Thanks to you guys who helped critique my original work.
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