Hello Goodbye

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Hello Goodbye

Hellos are always
greeted with silence
and a lost sense of person
Hellos are always greeted
with loneliness and a key struck
"You don't belong here"

My favorite park is now
closed to me because non
of the park members want
me to play there and they get
made whenever I talk about
a certain person I admired
"I hate him"
"He was stupid"
Did you know him?

I'm lost in the neighborhood
afraid of doing anything
for I will certainly have the
yard duties spot me and think
what I do is indecent behavior
all though beside me is the one
far more indecent

I'm afraid of going anywhere
in my neighborhood because
I'll be ridicule, alone, or just plain
old forgotten in the groups

Friends, why don't I go
to my friends?
Because each one leaves the
neighborhood understanding
how bad it is and they don't want
to be shot and they leave one by one
But what if you like me are stuck in
this neighborhood?

Goodbyes are hard to say
Some part of me hopes
this neighborhood will go back
to be friendly and lovely
like the old days

Goodbye shouldn't
be a word said yet
because I'm hoping
the neighborhood cleans
up around here

Goodbye I don't want to say
hoping people will open their

And yet greeting calls
will always be forgotten
and lost in the conversation
like they don't exist


I don't want it to be
as black and white
as hello and goodbye
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