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Hello and thank you to everyone for the warm welcome here!

I've just realized i can do a blog here. I've never done one before, and i'm not sure how. But as long as it's here i might as well use it! So, what to put here? well i'll post about my writing i guess. After all, Thats why i signed up.

Right now i'm working on a short story titled 'The Doctor' (A working title) At present it's 2587 words. At school i cut out allot. This story came to be during English class, The teacher put two topics on the bored. One was 'the doctor' and we had to write a 1000 word piece of prose and hand it up. Once i had done that i continued to develop the story, but i keep getting stuck. It's my first story coming out of a year-long case of writer's block. I'm determined to finish it! Anyway this concludes my blog, I'm sure i did the right thing here but correct me if i'm wrong.

Until next time!
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