here i am

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Lives of decadence and extravagance,
wasting time, yet they claim precedence.
My mind withering away
when the sun hides his weary face.
So many eons yet to come,
to be surveyed by its eternal gaze.

Moments merging into one another,
melting into the great expanse,
but a glimmer in the waters surface.
an infintesimal slice of everything that is,
all that will ever be.

Connected and intertwined by these shackles,
in that binding chain of moments,
undulating here,
attenuated by these walls,
trapped in mortality, wrapped in this false reality.

Lost in the great abyss, on a floating spec of dust
wandering this lonesome emptiness,
the boundless cosmos
until eternity has past,
beyond that last inevitable gasp I shall one day take,
that empty slumber from which I shall never awake,
into fragments of moments
i shall remain, retained in thinking minds
ingrained in time,
in that great infinite chain,
the motions of a dial,
the ticking of the clock
Here I am,
and here I shall remain.
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