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Rumiantions of a criminal mind,

Once again i found myself in a sticky bit of conundrum. This current gordian knot bound me as follows.

You see my perplexion was this, the irony of sacrificing my own personal virtue and moral standing for the greater good of others thereby an act that would in fact, be virtuous. the only slight downside being the destruction and ruination of countless lives in the process brought about by my despicable and abominable conduct.

what to do?

act says i make up yer mind fer chrissakes.

and so i did.

i decided to vault to the greater and more desireable virtue.

there thought i. done. good.

tweaking my mustache ever so slightly, i adjusted my tunic, donned my cap, and purposely strode out of the Reichstag into the chilly Berlin nict.
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