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Here's a fact...

Published by Wreybies in the blog Ponderings of a Pachyderm. Views: 280

When you work as an interpreter, you live in a flipped world of grammatical person. Whatever your interlocutors say is repeated by you, in the target language, in the first person, as though you were the actual person who originated the statement. This is done for the sake of maintaining accuracy of what was said. What they say, you say. You never say things like, "What he said was...." No. Bad interpreter. So that means the first person is nixed as an option whenever you, the interpreter, need to step out from your cloak of invisibility for a moment (it happens, there are reasons) and need to say something as you yourself. In those cases, you must refer to yourself in a strangely servile third person mode. "The Interpreter understood the statement to be the following..." That's you, making a statement about what you understood.

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