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Hey Howdy Hey

Published by briantgoff in the blog briantgoff's blog. Views: 128

Hey, my name is Brian, obviously but anyway, I'm new to this site and I just opened a Myspace (Myspace.com/lastthinkerstanding) to hopefully get my work out there. I have a Facebook too, but I only include people I live around usually (kinda like teen-age email) to communicate. Basically, I love the art of writing....if you need anything proofread for content then I'm decent, don't ask me about grammar because I basically run on instinct with that. I am moderately less Apocalyptic than most of the teenage writers in my age group (less stuff about evil, more about...well...other stuff...not that writing about evil is bad but it just isn't my forte) so you won't hear much of that from me. Friend me if you like my stuff so that we can review each others work. Thx for reading...
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