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Dear Reader (whoever you may be),

Hello, reader. As you may have already noticed, I am a new player. I joined today and only have a single post. After I post this blog entry, I will have a single entry on my blog. :eek: That makes me feel kind of lonely.... >.>

So, because this is a writing forum, I might as well start with some of my writing. I am a fantasy writer, so don't be surprised if my ideas are kind of sci-fi/lame. Or weird. Or just bad.

Ok, so here it is:


Ignis is a young stallion, wild and free. His parents are dead and he is a loner in his herd. One day, a dark stranger comes to his herd and talks to his leader. He is never seen in daylight, and Ignis feels a chill whenever he walks past him. One day, the shadowy horse reveals himself to be Umbra, an elemental horse, who has come to "instruct" Ignis, who is also one. Ignis is plunged into a world he never knew existed, filled with old magic, legends, and powers he never knew he had. Along the way, he makes enemies (including Umbra), friends, and even meets a little romance with Aqua, the water elemental horse.


Because that summary was brief and loosely detailed, I shall explains the concept of the elemental horses:

There are four immortal elementals, fire, water, air, and shadow. All except the shadow horse are committed to protecting others. Not so long after they mysteriously appeared in the world, Umbra, the shadow horse, broke free of their good will and fought against them. In the various battles, the fire was killed.

Years later, when the two remaining good elementals were in hiding from the evil psycho Umbra, Ignis was born. Because there was no fire, and because he was born at the exact time in the year and day the original fire was killed, he inherited the powers. His destiny: to stop Umbra and create peace in all the land.


So, what do you think? I'm probably going to post the story chapter by chapter in my blog, so watch out for it.

Critics are welcomed with open arms! I want criticism!

(Sorry if the summary was a bit... messed up. I didn't plan it out much)

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