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Hi Honey, the broker just called...

Published by anniemule in the blog anniemule's blog. Views: 172

my husbands broker called this morning, with some “news.” OMG! I thought, good news or bad? Turns out, he(the broker) had been at a sushi bar last night, telling his companion about the adventures of one of his clients' (my husband) crazy wife riding a mule in the mountains alone, doing endurance and dressage, etc. and he never knew where she was…etc...(the things men talk about with their brokers is as curious as what men talk about in sushi bars) and was subsequently, overheard by an eavesdropping editor of some national equestrian magazine... and she went so far as to butt into the conversation and end up, via the broker, via my husband, getting me… to email her...so she can interview me… about my mule. (?)

As a writer, i find the project interesting…

As a person, i've kept myself private, most horse people i know don't know anything about me at all...just my mule skinner persona/role. what one reveals to others is...a provocative thought...im not sure what to think...about having my "portrait" out there for all those other equestrian people to criticize, ridicule...or whatever they do. Not all of them like me…for their own reasons…some good some bad.

I am aware, there is a public self and a private self...and politics.

My mule has become my muse (for good or bad)...and i never know where life with her is going next (for good or bad?)
That darn mule has pushed me out of my comfort zone more times and ways than i expected possible ....some good, some bad.

its raining here today. Cold and gray. Weather predicts sunshine and 80’s in the next few days.
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