High School

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This is an exercise in dialogue. I just wanted to create a solid back and forth without relying on setting or a description of the two main characters. Please feel free to comment!

“You will never believe what I just heard from Meredith!”

“Is it about Jackie’s crush on Tom? ‘Cause I already heard about that from Paul like two days ago.”

“No, this is about Matt and that girl that he met at work, Pam. Wait, Jackie has a crush on Tom? Since when? She has been going on about how much she hates him for the last month. I didn’t know she liked him.”

“Jackie only pretends to hate Tom because she doesn’t want him to find out how much she likes him. After all, Tom’s dating Eileen. And what’s this about Matt and that Pam girl?”

“I heard that Tom and Eileen broke up because he kept flirting with other girls every time they went to a party together.”

“Honestly, Tom flirts all the time. Eileen had to have known that he wasn’t going to change just because they started dating. I hate Tom; he’s such a jerk. I really don’t understand why Jackie likes him.”

“It’s because he’s hot. Jackie is so shallow that way. Who knows, now that Tom and Eileen broke up maybe Jackie will have a shot at him. Anyway, do you want to hear about what’s going on with Matt and Pam or not?”

“Yeah, definitely, but I have to tell you about Paul after.”

“What’s up with Paul?”

“I’ll tell you after. Tell me about Pam and Matt first.”

“Ok. Apparently, they were James’ party last night and both of them got really drunk. I guess they sneaked off for awhile and when they came back, her shirt was on backwards and his hair was all mussed.”

“No way! Matt hooked up with that Pam girl? And wait, did Meredith just hear this or did see actually see them when they came back?”

“She didn’t see them, but Sam did and she told Meredith.”

“Why would Sam tell her that! Everyone knows that Meredith isn’t over Matt yet. Sam always does stuff like this! She just likes stirring up trouble. Poor Meredith! Matt is such a player; he just met that Pam chick. You know I heard from Carrie that Pam gets around a lot.”

“How does Carrie know that? Does she know Pam?”

“Carrie works at the same place as Matt and Pam and I guess everyone at their work talks about how Pam has a real reputation for sleeping around.”

“That’s probably why Matt starting talking to her at James’. The guy’s a rat. He thinks he’s such a lady’s man, but really he’s a total loser.”

“Meredith would be way better off if she just got over him. That reminds me! Get this, I was talking to Paul, right and he told me, after telling me about Tom and Eileen, that he’s really into Meredith. I guess they have history together and they got partnered for this group project thing. Anyway, he said that he thinks she’s really sweet and smart and he wants to ask her out!”

“Seriously! He so should! Paul is such a sweetheart and after what that jerk Matt did to her, Meredith totally deserves a guy as great as Paul!”

“Yeah, but Paul is so shy! I don’t think he’d ask Meredith out unless he was sure she was over Matt.”

“We should try and hook them up! Ok, you go to work on Meredith and I’ll bug Paul to ask her out.”

“Ok! I have next period with Meredith, so I’ll start talking up Paul to her. You text Paul and we’ll meet back here at next break.”

“Awesome! Text me about how it goes with Meredith.”

“I will. See ya!”

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