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Hither, thither, and yon.

Published by Wreybies in the blog Ponderings of a Pachyderm. Views: 132

Ok, this is one of my goofball poems and I cannot think of the last two lines. My only real goal in this poem was to make use of all of the goal of motion words (hither, thither, whither, hence, whence, thence)


This morrow at the break of dawn
I saw my neighbor walking yon.
With haste he trod upon the road.
He looked quite vexed; he kicked a toad.

I asked him, “Whither goest thou?”
He said, “I have a field to plow.”
Whence came the answer, I know not.
He hast no field nor even plot!

Then hither came the man to me
and asked me for a pot to pee.
“Thither take thou to the shed,”
I answered as I shook my head.

A gracious man I try to be,
but lending out my pot to pee?
That is where I draw the line.
What’s mine is mine, and shan’t be thine.

My neighbor did commence to dance,
and like the devil he did prance.
A floured line of words most fowl
Did paint his face into a scowl.

At this point I came to see
that sense had set my neighbor free.
He was possessed of something odd,
and to the left his head did nod.

Then off he went in his strange way,
Without a word to big good day.
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