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Published by Patience in the blog Patience's blog. Views: 388

Here I sit, at 2:00 AM
Staring at my screen ahead
Homework is due, in a few days.
"But you must work, or else twill fail. "

Ah, but I wish to do different things,
Can't it wait another day?
"But oh, remember what happened,
the last time you tried such a thing?"

*sigh* How do I learn, not to waste time?
These tiresome hours just keep passing by!
Then it rings loud in my ears,
"Patience, ye must learn to be patient! "

"Everything worth having takes time and care,
Nothing comes free, my poor dear.
Now get back to work, before it gets too late
Do not shirk, the hours won't wait! "
  • SusieD.Nym
  • Patience
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