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its terrible wanting something you cannot have

especially when that something is another person

you want them and you know that what you have with them now

is all it is likely to ever be

you talk to him at least every few days

but usually every day you talk a bit

and it kills you to talk to him and feel so close

and yet know that he doesnt feel that

he doesnt know that every time he says he is lonely

that pause on your end is you silently crying

he doesnt know that when you sigh and say you wish you had someone to hold

and he sighs and say "me too" and it breaks your heart

you talk about what frustrates you

and he agrees and goes on about how the same things bother him

you talk about what you want in a relationship and silently think

how he is even more in most ways then you asked for

and he talks about what he wants

and you just listen and silently tears roll down your cheeks

as you wish that he would give you the chance to try and be what he wants
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