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Despite trying to live a life based on sound logic and reason (in theory, lol) I've always been easily distracted by the mysticism of the world. Things that seem fantastic but are not impossible. Aliens, ghosts, limited telepathy... If it didn't seem to outright obstruct the laws of nature, I tried to bridge it with science as much as possible. One of these things is horoscopes.

If you're like me, the first time you read your horoscope, you swore either there were hidden cameras in your home or it described you in every way with an almost uncomfortable accuracy. This isn't the day-to-day horoscopes, but the general description of each horoscope sign.

After being introduced to it, it became hard not to try and attribute every person I did or didn't know to their sign. If I just met a person or was looking at them, I would try to guess their sign off the top based on the little things I could see about them. When I read books or watch TV or movies I try to place the characters actions to a specific sign. I know it's not real- the horoscope or TV- but it's just become this ongoing experiment to see if there is really some validity to it because deep down it would be kinda cool.

In terms of real life, I tried seeing if there was any validity to it in terms of known people and trades. The only general conclusion I could come up with about anyone was that people who become successful white-collar leaders of economy, businesses, banks, and that like tend to be born from late November to the end of February.

At some point I stopped trying to match peoples to their birthdays and began to match the signs to the people. Although ludicrous in thought, the horoscopes do describe twelve basic characters when you strip away the fluff and some people are clear ringers for these signs. The well grounded, determined, and ambitious Capricorn; the amiable, imaginative, and bubbly Pisces; the energetic, talkative, communicable wit and sociability of the Gemini; the somewhat pedantic, logical, detail oriented Virgo, and of course the horoscope wet-dream that is Scorpio who seems to be a psychic seductress and clairvoyant wizard complete with the physical and emotional power to destroy any and all things that dare stand in his/her way.

And the basis for the connections between the signs are based on a system of common sense. Give or take a few, some personalities just tend to get along better than others.

But overall, what started as a game of Horoscope ended with me trying to spot the central, ruling personalities of people. They are never just one set. There is the prominent and the hidden parts of them- the hidden side often being the more influential in a more-or-less subtle way. Kind of like the Sun and the Moon. As a writer I thought it more or less natural since we spend so much time building and reflecting on our characters and their impact to themselves and other characters.
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