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Horror: A study on Clive Barker Part 1, Intro.

Published by OJB in the blog OJB's blog. Views: 297

Hello and welcome to my new Blog series.

Over the next 6 months (Possibly More) I am going to be taking a deep look at my favorite Horror writer (the man who inspired me to write horror) Clive Barker. The reason I love Clive Barker is his daring imagination, his willingness to be offensive, and his easy-to-understand prose. As some people who have followed my blog will know, I just did a long study on basic grammar; in the future I will be doing a study on an element of writing (just like how I did Grammar) that will be followed by a study on a famous body or collection of work (as I am doing one now on Clive Barker).

In my opinion, it is important for people to study the craft of writing and read published work as well as write yourself in order to advance. So here is the list of books by Clive Barker I'll be reading and breaking apart:

1. Books of Blood
2. The Damnation game. https://www.writingforums.org/entry/a-study-on-clive-barker-part-33-the-damnation-game-prologue.64193/
3. The Hellbound Heart.
4. Weaveworld
5. Cabal
6. Imajica
7. The Theif of Always.
8. Sacrament.
9. Galilee
10. Coldheart Cayon
11. Mister B. Gone
12. The Scarlet Gospels.
13. The great and Secret Show.
14. Everville.
15. Abarat
16. Days of Magic, Nights of War
17 Absolute Midnight.

I'll be mainly looking at his prose, but I'll also be looking at Imagery, Theme, and Story Structure as well.

As for Clive Barker himself, Clive Barker is 64-year-old British Writer famous for his horror/dark fantasy works (his most famous being a Hellbound Heart which serves as the basis of the Hellraiser movies.)

If anyone would like to follow along as I read his stories, I'll be looking at Books of Blood first.

This should be an interesting 6+ Months.


Next Post: https://www.writingforums.org/entry/horror-a-study-on-clive-barker-part-2-book-of-blood.63789/
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