Horse for Emily

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One day, a girl name Emily who has Cerebral Palsy that travels to a horse show with her family for a weekend. She enjoys exploring the barns and arenas to check out all of the different kinds of horses and also her friends wants for Emiul to watch them show. Emily, always travels in her bright purple and pick eletric wheelchair that very fast and moves well, but being in a wheelchair is not going to feel the same as riding a horse. Emily longed to ride.

While she is there exploring the barns and arnas in her electric chair, when she notices the most beautiful horse that she ever had seen at a show. She especially wants this horse, but he acted wild for Emily to take responsibility of taking care of him, including riding. Emily's parents sees how she fell in love with the horse, and she wants the horse so they brought hm for her. Emily name him Rusty.

They are looking for a trainer to train Rusty for Emily. They came across a trainer that specializes in training horses that has a uniqe way of training a horse that will be handle by someone that has a disabilty. "Ricky said I can train Rusty for Emily. Rusty needs special training for a handicap person that will take full respondsiblity of taking care of her own horse, including brushing, bathing, feeding, walking, grooming, and riding him by her self with her parents supervision."

The Shineshie Therapeutic Riding Center specializes in training individal horses that their owners that has a disabilities that will take full respondsablity of taking care of their own horse. Ricky starts training the day when Rusty arrives to the center. Ricky trains Rusty by pushing a wheelchair up to him, then Rusty gains trust by slowly beside her wheelchair with a lead rope. He also trains him to stand still while she is grooming and she is lifed on to ride by her parents.

The stables ended up being far way, so Emily can't go to visit him while Ricky trained Rusty. Although, she has to wait to until she get Rusty, she keeps herself busy by playing on her computer. She just sits in her wheelchair because she can not play with the other kids like kick ball or base ball. Any other activities that she is able of playing with the kids in her elelectric wheelchair
, One beuatiful sunny day, her freinds eyed her sitting in her Power chair on the frount porch when decided to invite Emily to come play baseball with them. One of her freinds helps her hit the ball that it ending to be a home run. Her freinds cheered at her when she came rolling by in her electric wheelchair to the bases. She has a wonderful time playing outside.

Emily has a best friend name Randy that they met in school when they became the best of freinds. Randy loved to asist Emily by assisting Emily her class assignment. When Emily and Randy are at hanging out together, they love talking, playing and adventuring outside. Randy to be there with her to meet Ricky, her horse trainer, and Rusty, her beautiful horse when Ricky come to Florida when deleivers Rusty .

Her trainer, Ricky designs a special saddle, so she can ride Rusty by herself. The saddle is black with red with zigzag lines aroufand the back was made out of steel with leather covering. Everyday, Ricky rode Rusty until he gets use to having a person riding him. Everyday, Rusty gets better and better at riding and understanding the behavior Rusty needs to learn to deal with a handicap person that is going to take responsibility of taking care of her horse.

The day finally arrives when Ricky brings her horse, Rusty and her s pecial saddle to her. Emily and her parents has lot of work that they needs to be done before Rusty and Ricky arrives. They have to make a stall for Rusty, so when he gets to his new home, he can feel right at home. Ricky gives Emily riding lessons by slowly lifting Emily up onto Rusty's back to let her ride while having her parents walks besides them. Ricky walks besides them to teach the commands that Ricky taught Rusty when he trained him.
In time, Emily become good enough to ride in some horse shows. Emily and Rusty win so many awards including one for Grand Champion. At the local show, Emily and Rusty had won so many awards that they decided to travel to shows all over the world. Because Rusty and Emily won so many awards at many shows, they made a special friendship that would last forever.
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