How can anyone just make stuff up as they go!!??

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A little punctuation abuse there. I'm sorry exclamation and question mark.

I need to rant a little here. I had a great premise for a story, but couldn’t really think of a plot of any kind. Around the forum here, I've seen a lot of people saying they prefer to just make stuff up as they go, not knowing the ending or what will happen next. I decided to give it a try. It does not work for me. At all!

Actually, I don't understand how it can work for anyone. It just feels like nothing I write has any goal or greater purpose and everything that happens is the most predictable things you can imagine. I figured maybe the greater plot would come to me as I kept on going, but it hasn't. I just reached the 20K mark, which is when I reread what I have written for the first time. It kind of sucks. The story itself actually isn't too bad, but it seriously needs some direction, which I cannot give it before I know the destination. I think half of what I have needs to go, and the rest needs to be rewritten.

At least the characters are well developed. No thanks to the story. They have all been used several times before in other stories which have been scrapped. It's normal for me to reuse a character or two, but in this case, absolutely every character is a reuse. It's kind of fun, and makes me more determined to keep going. I love these characters, and I want a complete story for them.

So yeah, that's my rant.
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