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Today I learned something that shocked me, something that I felt the need to share so others could avoid this kind of problem in the future. I saw the face of a person who I thought was my friend, a face I'd only heard of in whispers and never believed to be true. It shocked me that it took a breakup and five months of post-conversations and interactions to bring this about, but the mask finally showed itself to the world and all of its hideousness was left in the open with nothing to hide behind.

What am I talking about, you might ask. Well, I shall explain to you. Earlier today in school I learned that my ex and friend Michael, had gone on a 'date' with Ashley, a former friend of mine. During the year it's been well known that Ashley has been given several nicknames around the school, one particulary from the elective she chose, Choir. I will fully admit, this bothered me this morning. Why? Well, Michael, as we all know, is an ex of mine, and there will always remain the soft spot for him that all first serious relationships have in people's hearts. I desperately wanted to say something to Ashley about her actions, because she was a friend, and most people I know respect the rule that friends don't date friend's exs. Ashley must not be aware of such a rule, and if she is, she sure as hell didn't listen to it, but rather gave me the giant middle finger. So, upon coming home, I changed my status to something along the lines of this:

'Alivia wanted to say something cruel and totally appropriate to someone today, but then remembered that karma is a hoe and will bite that person in the skibbies when they least expect it.'

Simple, enough, no?

Oh, no. I had to be harrassed. By Michael. Most of you can read that conversation on my status to get that part, but it isn't needed for this.

The following conversation took place shortly afterwards. None of it is edited. Enjoy.

You (Today at 3:25pm)

what's with the comment on my facebook status? did something happen?

Mike (Today at 3:32pm)

You happened. First and foremost, it is up to me, and no one else who i choose to date, when i choose to date, and where i choose to go on said dates. The fact that there is **** going around that is blatantly negative to Ashley simply because I chose to go on a date with her, and she agreed, is absolutely unexcusable. Secondly, she is not, I repeat, not, a whore, slut, or any other type therin. She is more innocent than most people I know. How do I know this? 1. me and her talked about it. 2. she was nervous as all get out at the theater. 3. I talked to Brittany about her, and they've been friends for years, so she would know better than most. I'm appalled that you would behave the way you did in response to me going on a date with someone, even if it is someone who you claim is *vaguely* a friend. I'm dissapointed.

You (Today at 3:38pm)

Of course I happened. I'm the destroyer of eleven precious months of your life, aren't I? When are you going to learn to grow up and see the person you really are, Michael? You claim to be nothing like your father, a player, when in reality you've only managed to follow in his footsteps. If anyone should be disapointed, it should be me, for thinking I could find a heart somewhere in the black hole of yours.

I never said you couldn't date her, or go to the movies, or anything like that. I advised you against it because I know what will happen to you upon something happening, and, out of concern, I warned you. I never thought you would take a friend's advice so negatively. And I don't know what you mean when you say there's 'negative' stuff going around the school about her, because if I remember quite accurately, there always has been, since the school year started. Yet you put it on me like I'm the one behind the whole thing? Ridiculous. As for the labels associated with her, it's her own fault for throwing herself at other men like she's an expandable item, not a rare gem in the rough. You should know- you saw what happened with her and Erich and the drama and problems she caused over nothing what so ever.

It's so funny- you were in a pretty normal mood upon leaving school with me- I don't know where you suddenly came to this conclusion that I'm out to get you and Ashley and whatever the two of you have going on.

Mike (Today at 3:45pm)

*smirks* a player? because i broke up with you? thats hilarious. I broke up with you because I couldnt BE with you anymore. I didn't feel the same way anymore because I began to see the things that I was always so quick to ignore. As for Ashley, I went to the movies with her, your warning was useless, and insulting. Her labels did not come from her own behavior in the least, but of rumors and cruel gossip. When i said negative stuff, i meant specifically the **** that fell out of your mouth today. She threw herself at erich, and erich alone, because she thought she was in love, just like brie to danny before her, and just like you to me. And just a side note. My dad had hundreds of girlfriends. I've only had 2. He ended 2 engagements because of secrets that they had kept from him. I still have a LONG way to go before im a player like that.

You have nothing to do with my love life anymore alivia, and if you arent careful with the way you behave, and the things you say concerning what I do, and the people involved therin, you may not be involved in any aspect of my life at all for very long. I dont want to have to do that, because I have enjoyed being your friend, but if this continues I will have no choice, simply because I can't be friends with someone who spits such venom at people who I choose to spend my time with.

You (Today at 3:54pm)

Yes, smirk all you want, but it's not going to do you any good. You see, I never once mentioned our breakup in this conversation or anything to do us, and you just had to bring that into it. You assume that I have some form of delayed and continued feelings for you and that's why I'm saying stuff like this or getting on your case and calling you a player. You're wrong, again. You 'dated' Debbie for six months, and then after that you sulked for a bit, then dated me. What we had was nice, I'll admit, but I can say without a doubt that I am glad I am no longer dating you because the behavior would have disgusted me straight off of a cliff. Some of the time I wonder if all you ever wanted was just my body and not my mind, and if that ever turns out to be true well it certainly would explain a hell of a lot with you. Her labels came from her own accord and her own actions. Rumors always have a small basis in truth somewhere down the line, so she's bound to have done something that just didn't sit well with the general public. As for what I said today, unless you have something exact to say to me that I said, you have no proof on the matter and you're just pulling on strings that can't help you.

And for the record, I never threw myself at you. To quote you, you said you "saw a chance with you [myself], and took it." I just went along with it because I young and naive and I didn't know the kind of person you were and how to behaved. Oh, and trust me, you're well on your way to becoming your father. Spitting image. And that's nothing to be proud about.

Jee, from the way you've been behaving, I haven't been apart of your 'love life' since January, when you asked Brie out promptly after ending it with me. You might want to watch your wording, because it almost sounded there like you actually still liked me at a period and time after you severed our ties. But hey, if you want to cut ties off with me, go ahead. It's your life and your mistakes, not mine, and ultimately they're yours to learn from.


lol. Well I can tell you haven't changed one bit. You will never change, because this is who you are. My life, is just that, My life, and I will date who I please. As for me bringing up our relationship, it is obvious that you arent yet over me, and anyone with half a brain can see that, plain as day.

We are, and have been since the day I spoke those words, over. This conversation is over. And until you decide to apoligise to both me and Ashley for the things you said about her, for instance somethng about a *choir whore*, our friendship is over.

And so, seeing as he removed me from his friend's list after his last post, probably too afraid to bother listening to what I had to say shortly because he couldn't think anymore, I have this to say to him. And I know someone who reads this will tell him, and that's okay. It's meant to be told to him.

To Mike:

Go ahead Mike, inflate that precious ego of yours some more by saying hurtful things about me to make yourself feel better and 'look' better. But you're wrong on something (surprise surprise!). You think I need you, that I still want you, that I'm still not over you. Well, I hate to break it to you, darling, but I am over you. I don't need to be insulted by some two-foot tall boy who thinks he's a man. And so, in a farewell parting for you, I say this; buy a purse, get the tampon out of your arse, grow some balls if you still want to be a man, and think before you speak next time. Who knows? It just might be useful in your case. And when karma comes back for you and you find yourself in the same bottomless pit you claimed you were in after your breakup with Debbie, I hope you stay there and rot.

:love: Alivia
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