How I would make a videogame based off of my book...

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Recently, I was thinking about videogames based off of literature and I got to thinking: "What if, one day, a videogame company wanted to make a game based off of my Colonial mystery series?"

Well, here's the thought.

In truth, I don't think most players would enjoy a murder mystery game so, the game would be about his father, Louis Garnier. Heck, that's the title of the game! Louis Garnier with him standing defiant and proud with a musket in his hand.

Anyway, the plot is basically this: Louis Garnier is a French soldier fighting in the French-Indian War (1756-1763), but this isn't just a rip-off of Call of Duty, folks.

It's basically a game about forbidden love, battle, and how Amos got to the city the mystery series takes place in.

Louis fell in love with a Native American woman (And I just spoiled Amos' backstory. I am deeply sorry for that) and wants to keep it secret, because he knows that if the Indians or his own men were to find out, there would be hell to pay.

In the meantime, Louis hears rumors that his long-lost uncle has been spotted behind the English line and he wants to investigate. He hopes dearly that the man had not committed treason.

As the story goes on, the indians and his officers become more and more suspicious of his behavior. One day, something horrible happens and Louis is forced to flee with his family. The French officers brand him a deserter and has soldiers after him. In effect, he's now a loner fighting for his family against the French, the English, and the indians.

But it's all going to go downhill. In a series of horrible events, the family is in ruins and the mother has to flee with her baby to the nearest city. It is here Louis' final mission takes place, where he defends his wife and son as they run for refuge. What happens to them, I will not say.

As for the game layout:

It'd be Free-Roam, so the player could take Louis wherever the hell they wanted, even to the nearby cities. Enter Louis' home and they'll see Toddler Amos meandering about the home following his mother or doing other toddler-y things.

The game isn't open-ended.

There are many side-quests Louis can do.

Players will be able to do whatever they want. Make Louis their own character. Is he a noble hero or the worst blight the colonies have seen? Characters react depending on what his reputation is like. Crimes he can commit include stealing, robbing, murdering, hijacking horses/carriages and assaulting. Commit a crime and soldiers put a fine on Louis. He can pay them off, face jail time, or have them attempt to shoot him.

Louis will be able to loot corpses. He fights wild animals, bandits, indians, and English soldiers.

Louis fights with his fists, sword, knife, and musket (with or without bayonet). He can ride horses/carriages (or steal them if you want him to be evil.)

Again, Louis is the player's own character, so they can modify his hairstyle and customize his clothes. Want him to run around looking like Jack Sparrow? Go right ahead. Want him to fight bandits in his pajamas (of the time)? can do that too.

Players can save through the start-menu.

That's all I've got, but that's basically what I'd do if I ever wanted to do a videogame based off of my book. =D
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