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How long have you been standing there?

Published by GalwayGirl in the blog GalwayGirl's blog. Views: 131

I find my creative juices flow better when I keep busy, it's the middle of the night so I grabbed my ipod from my room, put in my headphones, turned the music up and salsa danced (badly) around my kitchen. I was really into it, hips wiggling, feet moving, spinning having fun until :eek: there he was, my sisters boyfriend stood in the doorway, empty coffee cup in hand snickering.

*facepalm* the shame, every closet dancers worst nightmare.

He didn't mock me..... that much, but I have to say moving around and clearing my mind really helped me today I have gotten so much down on paper one of the hundreds of pens I swiped from has been begging me for a time out.

So I am curious when you guys get stuck what do you do?
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