How to search for the right book?

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Today I paid a visit to my teacher's place, it was only me who wanted to meet for discussing some of the pivotal issues of my life. However, I had never been there so, it just took a little more of me to be at the mentioned address of highland park. Candidly I used to be very arrogant with this lady, and at times I have even took her on my nerves.
I admit that my teacher is an intellectual, noetic and rational soul. She loves to dress classy, she sometimes sermonizes too. As I arrived, she offered me a milk chocolate and a cup of coffee. I could feel the warmth in her talks. And gradually, I peached all my kept ones in front of her. I could not find the most safer zone than she could be for me. In her home, when I moved towards the book-shelf that was being kept according to the appropriate feng-shui direction, i guess as her abode was goodish that everything was in its place of order. I being an avid reader just started alternating the stored works that range from biographies to different historical accounts. It was then she uttered "girl, the best way to search the desired book you can just see the name side of it ,so that you can easily get the one you are seeking for."
I would say succinctly here that it might happen that sometimes the person who you hate the most or loathe, can be so affable and cordial in this world.
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