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I've decided to put this blog to use. I have no idea what I will be using it for, but I figure I should probably start off with an introductory post.

There isn't much to know about me. My name is Mandie, and I live in Ontario, Canada; not far from Toronto. I recently turned twenty two and am starting to feel old, but only because I feel like I was sixteen only yesterday.

I suppose you could say I've been writing since I was a kid, but it never really hit me as something I would enjoy doing until I was around 19. Early in my highschool career, my friends and I were fooling around with writing novels. My characters were all 'Mary Sue's' and I was never able to get past the first chapter.

Then, on night I was laying in bed unable to turn my brain off (damn my insomnia) and suddenly had the urge to start a book. I had been playing around with simple poetry at the time, so my prose was a little jumpy. Eventually I got into the swing of things and quite enjoyed it. Of course, my low attention span got in the way, and I gave up after a few chapters.

I've picked it up a few times since then. Rewritten a chapter here, overhauled a character there, but never got anywhere with it.

Then last year I cam across NaNo. I was a few months late, but decided to do it on my own. I actually managed to get up to 16000 words and was very proud of myself. Again, I dropped it.

Are we noticing a pattern?

So once again, I find myself immersed in the world of writing. I find no illusions that I will be here for long. I'm fully aware of my tendency for phases. I do, however, intend to enjoy my time here. These forums seem like a helpful and supportive community and I look forward to meeting new friends.

I think that's as much as I have to say for now. Hopefully, I stick around and give you guys another blog. :)
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