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Huge Heroin Bust!!!

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 151

At approximately 4:43am Eastern Pacific time, Massachusetts local law enforcement had responded to what appeared to be reports of a traffic incident. When law enforcement got to the scene, they reported seeing Mr and Mrs Kringle in a heated argument over an anonymous text message that came in on his phone from a woman in Peru. Mr Kringle also appeared to be a little tipsy. Separating the two and legally obliged to search the vehicle, officers recovered what appeared to be 20 kilo's of heroin. Mr. Kringle claimed it was shaved ice he had just bought from a vendor in the arctic.

Age unknown, Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, had been suspected by international authorities of running the most powerful drug and human trafficking ring ever recorded in the history of the world. Sustained for centuries, Interpol claims that Kris Kringle was able to move slaves and drugs over international skies with impunity.

"He ran a strict operation. He moved only once a year, transporting massive shipments always under the front of delivering welfare packages, good will, and cheer to the children of the world as well as some parents. The level of fame and emotional support he gathered from this made it very difficult for us and related authorities to pursue or prosecute this case but we think we hit solid ground here." - Deputy Commissioner and Chief Public Officer, Interpol

Kris Kringle and Mrs. Kringle refused to give any public statement regarding the recent developments or further accusations that in fact many missing children around the world were being abducted and sent to the north pole to work as slave labor for an undetermined amount of time. The Kringle's lawyer and family friend phoned in, saying

"The following developments have been a very hard, very confusing time for the Kringle's and while we take the sincerest efforts in sorting this unjust characterization, we hope the media and the citizens of the world will show their continued love and support to the man who has brought them and their ancestors the same for centuries."

Kringles Inc representative David Schummer stated that shipment of all presents and packages will continue as scheduled. As ir stands, it may be the last shipment that comes form the polar factory that has always had an open heart, closed door policy on reporters and media agents since it's opening.
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