Hunting Unicorns

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The Gentleman’s Hunting Guide
Chapter Seventeen:
Hunting Unicorns

Hunting unicorns has long been considered the world’s truest sport. It takes incredible skill, great knowledge and no small measure of luck simply to locate a unicorn. Only a handful of the world’s greatest hunters have ever managed to capture such a creature and in so doing they have earned the greatest honors of all.

Where to look:

The first step to hunting of any kind is to know where to find one’s prey. Unicorns are incredibly rare and they tend to live only amongst the northern and most ancient forests of Europe. There are still the occasional reports of unicorns in the British Isles, but the greatest concentration of these beautiful animals is still to be found in continental Europe.

Habits, Distinctive Features, Etc.

A unicorn’s most distinctive feature is of course is its single pristine white spinal horn that projects from the forehead. Unicorn horns are always white however the actual body of the beast, so similar to that of a normal horse, can be white, black and on the very rare occasion, even red. Unicorns are also known for their remarkable intelligence and their incredibly speed. A full grown male unicorn can reach speeds of up to fifty miles per hour, even through thick undergrowth. These wild and untamed animals move with extraordinary grace and often they seem to simply fade back into the trees from which they came. Unlike their cousin the horse, unicorns do not like apples but rather adore the sweetness of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes.

Methods of Capture, Permits Required, Etc.

Unicorns are a universally protected species and the deliberate killing of one is considered almost as terrible as the killing of a human being. In fact, killing a unicorn is referred to as murder. It is for this reason that would-be unicorn hunters are not allowed to use any type of firearm or projectile when hunting them. Bolas are allowed to be used, as well as nets and certain specific types of traps, but any device designed to wound is strictly forbidden. Many hunters try every year to capture the elusive unicorn, but due to its speed, agility and fierce intellect very few have ever succeeded to do so.

Reasons to Hunt, Uses and Other Information

Prestige alone is the main reason as to why so many hunt the unicorn, however there are many other reasons as well. A unicorn’s horn has incredible medicinal qualities and is made of the purest ivory to be found anywhere on this Earth. Surprisingly a unicorn is able to grow back its horn and does not suffer greatly from its loss. The blood of the unicorn is considered an elixir that can bring fortune and fame to whomsoever possesses it. As for the mane and tail, the hair is often used as thread to adorn the most beautiful and expensive gowns of the world’s richest ladies.

A less well-known fact about unicorns is that in the olden days, it was said that only virginal young maidens could tame a unicorn. Often when considering marriage to a young lady, a knight would extend to her an invitation to join the unicorn hunt. For a lady to decline was unthinkable as it led to the belief that she was no longer a virgin and that she feared discovery. Although this is no longer a practice today, unicorn hunting is still a popular sport around the world.

So whatever your reasons, always remember that hunting unicorns is not for the faint of heart.
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