Hurricane Alex

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Nice name isn´t it? Even has a nice ring to it when pronounced. However, many people in Mexico now resent that name and everything it brought upon us.

Yes, when I say "us" I mean me too. The hurricane hit my city pretty badly. It destroyed main bridges, houses, dragged cars and people into its murky waters and left us without drinking water or electricity. Killed 6 people and left many trapped in their houses unable to even cross the street due to the debris lying around.

A tragedy if you ask me, but we are slowly recovering. If you´re wondering how I am doing, I must say, thank god im fine. Nothing bad happened around my block, only that I´ve got no drinking water, but that´s nothing compared to other people´s bad luck. Its a wonder how people can unite after disaster but forgets about others when things are just "fine".

I had to tell you people about this because most of my online friends had no idea about the hurricane incident, because of course its a national thing. Still, its good that people know of what mother nature can accomplish.

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