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Hurry! Write the book or else it's gone!!!!

Published by Link the Writer in the blog My First Internet Blog. Views: 81

I just realized something. I may not have all the tools I need to craft a fully-fledged novel yet. I have the basic understandings of it, and have the "Do-Nots" logged in, but in most part...I'm still clueless.

I mean, take my "Heridon Copper" mystery series. I don't even know how to construct a proper mystery plot, creating the right kind of suspense so that A) the characters aren't just wandering around aimlessly and B) the readers don't figure out who did it half-way across the book.

I think I should not write just yet. Perhaps wait a few more years, maybe even ten years to hon my craft, come to understand what makes a mystery story and what's been done to death already.

But I'm afraid. Afraid of one big thing:

1) Heridon Copper will have been written by someone else.
What if, after the ten years or so that I hon my craft, it's too late? Someone else already took my ideas and worst, their main characters are exactly like my own main characters? What if, just when I am about to write the first draft of "Heridon Copper", I look in my bookstore and find that it had already been written. I feel like I need to rush, that I'm in a race to get "Heridon Copper" out before someone else.

How long should I wait? How long should I put it off?

Basically...I don't feel like writing anything short of "journals" and term papers for school. I don't want to write a novel yet because I don't think I'm ready, yet I feel like I have to race before someone else prints out "Heridon Copper".

So, what are your thoughts?
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