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Hypothermia and melted cheese.

Published by Eaveah Tail in the blog Eaveah Tail's blog. Views: 280

I'm watching "Scorpion" again. They are in the Arctic trying to set up an antennae for the military. Two of them are freezing! I'm eating a sandwich with melted tomato cheese and ham feeling vaguely guilty for being warm. It's the nice kind of cheese that doesn't get greasy and icky, and melts perfectly without getting hard crusts.

I've been thinking about people lately. The ego in particular. People don't necessarily make sense all the time, and some seem to thrive when they think they are being mysterious. There isn't really anything wrong with that. Of course not. But I do take issue when these people can't handle it when their game is called. A lot of them talk a big game and get angry or worse when someone is more clever than them or question them. But then, on the other side of that, there are people who thrive on "dismantling" these big talkers. Feeling it's their duty to take them down a notch. Both these type of people display some... meglomania. I usually avoid interacting with either type. I'm confident in my own self and don't need nor want to poke the proverbial bear. Though I enjoy thinking and trying to figure out human nature. Not to mention my book is very much about rebuilding a destroyed human being.

I've written a whoooole half page today, and I'm not at all confident in the little I wrote. I'm at at a bit of a tough spot with where my main character is going right now. I mean, I know where she's going, I just don't know how I'm going to get her there. It feels to me like writing is basically holding a giant ball of rope, with knots in it. Your job is to find one of the endings and start working your way along the rope, loosening and untying the knots as you go. But... if the knot stumps you and you get stuck then you'll be stuck till you figure it out. I'm at a tough knot.

And so, my ranting is over for today. Eaveah.

Edit: I can at times be an insufferable knowitall and fantabulously stubborn. So don't mistake my rant about people and ego to mean that I think I'm above it all! Cause wow... Not at all.
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