I did not die

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Today, my friends, I tried a new and dangerous thing: driving.

Yes, I'm that young. Just finishing up driver's ed. I get my permit this Wednesday, my liscense next year. Today was my BTW (Behind-The-Wheel) driving sentence/test. Four hours of me, some freshman girl I don't know, and the teacher.

I thought I was going to die.

Every time we came to an intersection, I instinctively slunk to a fetal position in the floorboard (Or thought about it, if I was driving). I have had a deathly fear of intersections since the car crash when I was ten. We were T-boned and my friend, who was sitting on that side of the vehical, was killed instantly. And of course I kept thinking about that. I was a wee bit scared.

It was raining today, which was a plus. And I've never driven above twenty miles per hour before, so driving up a major highway at sixty was a little disconcerting.

But it all turned out well. I survived Trial by Mountain, having made it up the snakey road that leads up the mountains and back. And after that, it wasn't so hard. Not even the intersections.

And best of all? I'm sitting here typing this. I made it. I didn't die.
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