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I don't hate my body but shopping makes me feel like it!

Published by SerenaYasha in the blog SerenaYasha's blog. Views: 157

I'm a hair away from 5'4 so I just say I am 5'4.

I have broad shoulders ( a Medium T-Shirt fits me at the waist, but to tight in the should and armpit area. a Large T-shirt fits me on the should armpit area but a little to much in the waist area.

I wear a B34 bra but the area under my breast gets imprint form my bra but B36 it feel like the bra is riding up.

Even more drama with pants ( with jeans it finding one that have a good waist height ) just below waist become mid raise.

I'm just upset I found a lather jacket i really like for a great price but neither Large more XL fit me in the shoulder area.

I know I need to find clothes that fit to the biggest part of me then Tailor it down, but i can't even find that it seems

I love my body, i love my big butt, small waist, I'm OK with my breast size

but I HATE going to 5 different stores and finding nothing, ending up settling with stuff from walmart.

Its not fair, i can lose weight on my lower body (plain to/working on it) but my tousle is the smallest it can get)

I just wish i knew how to shop for my body, its really hard to love myself when it feel like the clothing company are trying to make me not.
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