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I envy all of you.

Published by writer one in the blog writer one's blog. Views: 171

By being part of this forum, all of you have shown me your thoughts and caring about creative writing. My writing habits are sealed within my mind and heart and my experiences as well. And what I've seen, all of you have done great! The word envy come to mind. There are those who cannot for whatever reason write, which is to me a gift from God to you.
Just think you who have the talent to persuade others to write are the future and desperately are needed in the world to introduce your work to them and too give them the thought that they to can write creative and from the heart and mind and soul. That's the longest sentence I have ever written! I beg for your patience's with me for my spelling, grammar, sentence structure to be understandable by the readers. Am I anywhere near that part? What are my bad parts that I need to improve in? writer one
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