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I felt the GOD

Published by rajvishal25 in the blog rajvishal25's blog. Views: 219

Today, after the last crazy 5 days, I laid back and relaxed in my bed watching my little babies asleep. The calmness on their faces made me skip my breath again and again. Suddenly, I slipped into a trans state where I could find a connection with some unseen force. The sudden impulse of energy made me forget all the troubles and I was at complete peace with myself. No more concerns of the business, no more thoughts of another travel, the team meetings just faded away and the new upcoming project just took the back seat. What was it…..I asked myself. The same mind, body and the soul which were craving for a sleep for last so many days are just rejuvenated and are probably ready to take up another challenge with greater vigor. Whenever, I wish to think something deeply, I start writing. The writing gives me newer horizons to think and makes it easier for me to dig in deeply of any matter. So, I started…….
Life is crazy, we all know. It’s unpredictability sometimes surpasses all our assumptions and sometimes it leaves us amused. It was not too far back when a mere mention of getting married was like…..hey are you in your senses man?? And then suddenly the same life changed it’s course. Within the 7 years of my wedding, I am a father of 2 beautiful kids. Believe me, it was not so easy to accept the news from my other half (won’t say better as I believe in the equality of both the genders) and it did take me at least one minute to bring my suddenly choked brain to a level where it could digest the facts presented by the circumstances. That was almost 5 and half years back. Then, it took double the time around 3 and half years later when the same steps were repeated. Thankfully, I have a habit of taking it easy always and my belief in destiny makes me take the life as it comes. Now, here I truly admit that I was scared initially both the times but I did witness the strong power that the brain does possess. Basically, the tougher part is not with the problem but with the fact that how do you program your brain to perceive the problem. The moment, the brain programming was done, the same task which initially seemed like a herculean task transformed into brisk morning walk.
Those perplexed moments have resulted into these loving memories which have painted my whole life with the most vibrant colors available in this beautiful world. They sleep in front of me and I touch their small feet and hands; the touch evokes an ethereal emotion; the innocence in their smiles is the most mesmerizing picture I have ever scene; the glitter in their eyes is worth more than this whole universe and believe me when they call me Papa, I can die for that…….We are always curious to discover God someday but in this pursuit of him, we forget to appreciate his own presence in just everything around us which is so visible and yet neglected. Today, with a very limited knowledge I have, I cogently say, though I haven’t seen or touched God but I have felt him in his most magical creations. Thanks God for the wonderful gifts and bless your gifts forever.
We all can experience God, just look around and believe in him. Somebody out there in any state of relationship might actually be the reason for your existence and your messed up mind probably hasn’t been able to conjure up those precious thoughts as yet. Let’s appreciate the life in its true form and the people around us always.
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