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I got sunburned...

Published by solarstarrkatt in the blog solarstarrkatt's blog. Views: 58

Yesterday, I was at my softball game, and it was so cloudy it wasn't even funny. We lost,0-12, but I lost my drive because:
1. We had to wait an hour and a half to play.
2. Not even Kylie, our local smart-aleck, could crack a smile (a too-easy task) from me after the fourth inning.
And I got sunburned, because the senior shirts are sleeveless. There is just warmth now, because this morning I remembered my aunt Tamera telling Wes that if he takes a hot shower, all of the sting will come out of it. It worked for me, since I can't seem to find our Aloe Vera gel.
I am working on some stories, mostly crappy romance, and I promise to get them on paper ASAP. I also have some ideas for fanfics if anyone's interested. Probably Hunger Games or Total Drama, if you need to know.
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