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I has an idear of sorts. :P

Published by Cave Troll in the blog Cave Troll's blog. Views: 73

Well some of you already know that I wouldn't mind doing my own channel on writing, and being a bit more transparent and less about trying to keep up with the other channels, who all seem to say the same things at roughly the same time from what they have found in basic google searches. :p

Thinking of kinda sorta rolling my other blog title (the one in my sig connected to google)
into a character, instead of simply using my real name like everyone else does. Thinking for
the sake of privacy and safety being the main reasons to not give personal info like that out
to the world wide webz in such a fashion.

Also thinking about discussing topics that simply don't get addressed, cause they are not
the 'hot' ones, but are far more realistic than spouting out a random list of misc. opinions
in 5s or 10s.
And if I happen to have an article that I want to discuss, I will cite it so that there is a source
to be utilized, and not just someone looking like an arrogant ass spouting off like they know
everything under the sun.

Still working out the finer points of where to start, but getting there. :)
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