I hate him because......

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*I hate him because he does his hair the same way every day even though I've always told him, it attracts wrong attention.

*I hate the way, everytime he talked to me, it'd make me weak in the knees and want to hug him tightly.

*I hate the way he would drive a bike with a fake license, cos he was underage and make me worry at all times for his safety.

*I hate the way I would catch him staring at me in his fascinating manner when he thought I wasn't watching, making me believe for one moment that what we had was really love.

*I hate the combat boots you wore, which would make my feet appear like a baby's when I was standing next to him.

*I hate the way you read my mind and would always say what I wanted to before I had a chance.

*I hate the way you would not be a typical guy, never ran away when I wanted to discuss girl problems, but were sweet enough to sit behind and discuss, and always turn out to be right.

*I hate the way, you could lie, and make me want to believe when you told me I was the most amazing girl in the world.

*I hate the way you could make me smile, and never give up trying, even though you know, smiling wasn't as easy as laughing when watching his ex-girl-f and my ex-best-f, flirt with him.

*I hate the fact that you watched me fall in love and then made me cry,,, finally making me believe love did not exist.

I hate it now that you're not around, yet hate you too cos you can't say I'm sorry, instead of just regretting having kissed another chick in front of me.

*I hate the fact that you didn't have the guts to call then and make amends rater then let some b***** poison my mind against you.

*I hate the fact that you always seemed oblivious to all that girls whispered around us behind our backs and didn't mind even if you knew,,,,something ranging worse than calling me a s***.

*But mostly I hate the way, that you've taken over my heart, body and soul, and I can't seem to forget or hate you, as much as I want to....

Cos I guess somewhere deep down I still believe, I still hope, we could be....together.
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