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I Have Cool Peoples

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 160

Feels like I'm surrounded by cool peoples. My little brother is my winger. He's in to anime and he's got a sense of humor that seems almost inspired by it. He wants to write comics and he likes to draw. I love the way his stories are so free of conventional structure or seemingly direct, step-by-step purpose. Things just flow into one another and it all comes out being pretty cool and pretty funny. His imagination is inspiring. Playful, heartful, and full of that kiddish light.

I have April Kelley. She's a bit of a punker. Hard bitten and sharp tongued, her stories are like a reflection of her life in dramatic form, like looking into the Malice in Wonderland types. I always liked how gothic culture and her gothic stories seem to play with shadows and light. It's always about a contrast between great, dark shadows and little specks of fragile light. Her stories are more like sagas or opera's in a way. They are heavily emotional, but engaging. They have a physical truth to it that's hard to avoid. When she uses fantasy, she has an absolutely potent poetic talent. She doesn't write poetry often, but it just comes out feeling really poetic. Her monsters sometimes never seem like monsters. Every character is like an amalgam of her feelings, her thoughts, and her past. Even the demons...she's really amazing. A veritable artist, but I never tell her so. Often. She doesn't seem to care or need my praise anyway. (she's like a freaking thorn-bush sometimes) But she is a pillar I look to whenever I need help, though she doesn't like to be bothered...

Then there's the dude I refer to as the Traveler. He writes poems, mostly, but they are epic to me. All about the places he's seen and things done in ways that makes me extremely jealous I can't see the world through his eyes. He has a way of making the world seem like it is full of adventure. Like watching Homer tell of his stories trotting around the world. He doesn't always have a deep sense of personal understanding that he has taken from all these things, but sometimes the thing itself is cool just by itself. Old Ben would be a good name for him. He feels like that old, wise guy full of patient instruction and reflection.

The last one in my circle I haven't seen for some time. We used to go to high school together and she was my first fan. She read my poems I liked her art. She was a bit of a black flame, though. Quite in a sad way, but passionate. She was the younger of her twin sister, but they never seemed twins to me. The older was bright and social and outgoing, and she was more like the moon, all thoughtful and that such. You could see it on their faces. Sun...moon. Haven't seen her since. I've seen her on Facebook, though. Apparently, she has become some sort of advertising agent. Wonder of wonders.

I don't know about most writers, but I know my writing leans heavily on my own experiences and relationships. I'd say a hundred percent of me can be found scattered throughout my writings. But included in them are the people and things around me which affect how I see myself and the world. They are like filters, and if I must have filters, better I can see the world through positive, re-enforcing ones than negative, diminishing ones.

None of my friends are big writers. None of them don't seem to want to be (except my brother, who wants to make comics). Whenever I bring up the question they seemed to be annoyed. April has a look that seems to ignore you and strike you with a rake at the same time. She said, 'Why does it always have to be about something big?' to gently paraphrase. After that, kinda realized that I don't really need to try and become some big author either. Just do what I like doing for the sake of that.

But I want to be big writer, damn it...
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