I live and breath

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each breath i take,
in and out,
i live and breathe,
each breath, each day,
brings me closer to death,
and takes its toll on this heavy soul.
That gentle rhythm sets the pace,
each incremental second i embrace,
each different from the last,
moving to the present from the past,
and here I am,
contemplating my fate,
why it is I live and breathe,
Perhaps there is no reason I could perceive,
and that i can never know,
but i cannot accept,
that we are mere travelers,
moving from one second to the next,
do I live to die,
or is life more complex?
I often wonder why.
it is that you and I,
live and breathe,
yes I am me,
for this moment in history,
the future remains a mystery,
yet time ticks away,
and someday soon i will pass,
for this life most certainly does not last,
soon I shall become one with the past,
yet under this tattared mask,
lies a broken soul,
ready to end it all,
But I will live to embrace another second,
despite how much the past may beckon,
its haunting calls,
enthralled in apathy,
still i wait patiently,
for the end,
and i see it now,
forever drawing me closer,
its captivating tune,
the great composer,
and I dance to the beat,
tick, tock, tick-
time will never stop,
yet I cannot say the same for you and me,
yes soon we will both cease to be,
and whither away,
this flesh and blood will one day decay,
and never live to see another day,
so embrace this second,
this one moment in history,
that little lost piece of you and me,
soon we'll be nothing but memories,
and by the ticking of the clock,
we measure these moments,
noving through them,
slice by slice,
tick by tick,
as the end draws closer,
but when you look death in the face,
be ready for its cold embrace,
and know,
that you had once a place in this world,
and had lived,
and loved.
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