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I Love Starting Over In Aliance of Valiant Arms...

Published by Unit7 in the blog Unit7's blog. Views: 114

Its the only other explination I can think of for starting over and over and over again.

Heres a list of my charaters.

xxUnit7(I think)

and my latest Unit7y... as in Why am I starting over yet AGAIN?? Now those are just the names I can remember.

I spent the better part of today trying to reach Staff Sergant(sp) 3rd Class. Which isn't exactly high, but on that account I was close to 2 hours of sprint time and almost an entire class in the game. When I reached the rank I bought a new gun that recently came out and I found I prefered a different gun. Which would be a better defense if... lets say I had spent a few days using it. No I spent less then 20 minutes and I ended up gambling the rest of my money away. Why? Good question. I wanted one of the guns in a Capsule Machine(as of late, I have spent near 200k trying to get 1 stupid weapon that will in all likelyhood gather dust in my inventory. Awesome)

Another reason I restart over is because I can never keep satisfied with the rifle I get. After awhile I become frustrated with it. Whether its because of its poor handling at distance or because I find myself leaving my opponent with no health, while I am always dying. What makes things worse is that I almost always rotate between a few guns. AK47, M4, and the Sako Rk 95. One of my recent accounts I had been satisfied with a diff gun for quite awhile. My pointman gun and sniper almost always remain the same... that is when I get the courage to buy a pointman gun(I have this nasty paranoia about going below 50k. Something developed before changes in the money system)

What I have learned from all of this is:

1) I must love trying to get 2 hours of sprint time(even though its annoying as hell)
2) I have more patience then I realize
3) I. MUST. NEVER. GO. TO. LAS VEGAS.(because right now I have only lost fictional currency and... well I suppose close to 15 dollars worth of Gcoins(coins bought with irl money or recieved through doing tedious process where you can get them free)

4) I love restarting.

Though on the bright side AVA is a game that for the most part relies on skill and knowledge of maps. So even with a brandnew account I can easily compete with everyone else. So... thats not so bad.


I am an idiot. Also my latest account lasted me maybe 2 days.

I think this current one will last me about a week... even though I say, and I always say this, that this will be my final account.


Why do I do this to myself?
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