I married Sheldon Cooper

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As you can see I have a soft spot for Sheldon. He is my avatar and the more I watch him the more convinced I am that The Big Bang Theory writer based him on my husband and soul mate.
The programme is a recent discovery for me so it has only recently come to my attention about how alike Dr Cooper and Mr Planets are.

Had the comedy been aired 13 years ago, I would have had my suspicions aroused when I first opened Mr Planet’s sock draw. Rows of impossibly neat socks, folded not balled, all nicely rotated. The reasoning behind the rotation, I am told, is to avoid wear and tear.

When I saw the scene with Penny and Sheldon in the laundry room where Sheldon is folding his socks in an eerily similar fashion to Mr Planets, my attention is held. Penny balls hers and the look on Dr Coopers face is all too familiar. It is a look of undisguised contempt. Sheldon proceeds to use a strange device to perfectly fold his T shirts and I can’t help thinking that my birthday present dilemma is solved.

One morning I take breakfast up to my other half. I pour some coffee and a bowl full of shreddies, only to be met by a distressed face and a protestation of ‘but its fruit and fibre day.’ Yes the cereal is also rotated and I inadvertently went out of sequence. I have a déjà-vu when Sheldon argues that it is oatmeal day when Penny cooks French toast for breakfast. Mr Planets, however, ate his shreddies grudgingly. He hates waste of any kind even more than having the wrong cereal on the wrong day. Sheldon binned his French toast with a whimsical ‘It does smell good. Too bad its Monday’

The afternoon I found myself in the comic book store, looking for ‘Dark tower’ issues, confirmed all my worst fears. As if mocking me, I look up from the lines of comics to see a poster of Sheldon’s face. He is grinning with eyebrows raised and I can almost hear him saying ‘mwah hahaha.’ I turn and there he is again’ bazinga.’:eek:

There is no denying it now. All too often I see echoes of Sheldon in my nearest and dearest. Good job I have a massive soft spot for the socially inept eccentric. As for Mr Planets, I wouldn’t have him any other way. Well if I’m being totally honest I wouldn’t mind him being slightly less annoying on occasion. :rolleyes:
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